Leaving a bequest for The Kinghorn Cancer Centre is a very special way of continuing to support work you believe in into the future.

Making a bequest for the Centre will have a lasting impact on people’s lives across the generations. All bequests, whatever the size, mean a great deal to us and have critical impact. Once the building is established, the Centre will have ongoing needs in terms of translational Research Fellowships, major items of equipment/technology and more – and a bequest can be of very significant help with any of these needs.

Ways to bequeath a gift 

Bequests can be made in a variety of ways according to your personal situation and preferences. You may choose to bequeath:

a) the residue of your estate once other bequests have been made - this allows you to ensure that those dear to you will be catered for first

b) a percentage of the residue of your estate

c) a specific sum of money

d) a specific asset - for example real estate, shares, art works, units, debentures or other securities in listed companies

When you consider making a bequest for the Cancer Centre

You or your solicitor can make direct contact with the CEO of Garvan Research Foundation by phone on (02) 9295 8114, email at or fax (02) 9295 8151. We can discuss any aspect of your bequest including any special requirements you may have. Bequest discussions are completely confidential.

Making a bequest to support the Kinghorn Cancer Centre is very easy to arrange. If you have already made a will, and wish to add a bequest, your solicitor can simply add a codicil. It is very important, when you are ready to write or change your will that you do so with your legal adviser to ensure your wishes are recorded in a legally binding fashion. Below is the correct legal wording to use, depending on your wishes. Your solicitor can also contact us for further information.

Wording to use to make a bequest to support the Cancer Centre

“I give to the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, ABN 62 330 391 937,

a)(all of my residuary estate) OR
b)( ____ percentage of my residuary estate) OR
c) (the sum of $______) OR
d)([list asset or assets])

to be applied for the purposes of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre. If in the intervening period, it becomes a separate legal entity, then the bequest will be forwarded to that entity.

I declare that the receipt of a Director of the Institute or other authorised officer will be a sufficient discharge to my executors who will not be bound to see the application of this gift.”

Please let us know

We understand that the making of a will is a very personal thing. However, if you do make us one of your beneficiaries, we would very much appreciate confirmation advice from you or your solicitor. This confirmation assists us greatly with our forward planning. Letting us know also gives us the opportunity to thank and acknowledge you, along with the others who have made this very special gift, within the Centre. You can also be acknowledged as one of Garvan’s Partners for the Future.

As a Partner for the Future you can choose to be acknowledged on the Honour Board in the Galleria of the Garvan building in Darlinghurst, Sydney and in our Annual Report. You will be kept up to date with information about the Cancer Centre and will also receive invitations to special Garvan events.

Thank you for considering making this very special gift to support the Centre.

For further information:

Andrew Giles
CEO, Garvan Research Foundation
Phone: 02 9295 8114